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The Clever Turn Signal is a turn signal controller with many features designed for use in custom cars, Hot Rods, older cars, etc. This controller is also a simple solution for off road vehicles sometimes allowed on the road such as golf carts.

This will not work with conventional 2 wheel motorcycles since they lean into the turn which prevents the needed side force. They will work for 3 and 4 wheeled motor vehicles which do not lean.

The controller includes inputs for left turn, right turn, flashers, brake lights and front marker lights. The unit controls all 4 turn signal lamps.

The unit includes a buzzer for audio feedback. Some vehicles create more noise or are open top which creates a need for louder buzzers. This unit includes a volume control allowing for more volume in these conditions.

The key feature is that this device will cancel the turn signal by reading the forces in the turn. If you pull out of a fast food drive through with a soda in the drink holder, the soda will try to fall out as you make a turn. This force is read by the unit which cancels the turn signal. The function of the circuit is a bit more involved then this simple explanation but the result is a system which is extremely effective at canceling the signal when a turn is made; even a turn with light forces.

The main advantage to this system is simplicity in that it does not need to be tied to the steering column to operate (and to manually cancel). To activate and manually cancel, a simple 2 position momentary switch is used. Two push button switches could be used as well.

In addition this controller allows for the lights to be used as flashers, brake lights and marker lights. Some of the functions are mixed in different ways as explained under the mixing functions tab as well as the on board timer.

The Clever Turn Signal is a solid state device and works with traditional lamps or LED's.

Since you are not tied to a steering column, this can bring freedom to use more simple steering columns. Performance cars benefit by moving the turn signal switch off the steering column which can interfere with performance driving.

Freedom to create turn signal switch options become as creative as custom cars.


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